Benton Farms Pencil Co. Announces “Perspective Pencil”

Benton Farms has been manufacturing reference pencils to an exacting standard for over 50 years. The name Benton Farms has become shorthand for reference pencil.  A recent survey showed that 53% of scientists working in the field prefer photographing their samples next to a Benton Farms reference pencil; that’s more than the dime and the Canadian quarter combined.

Now, for the first time it its 102 year history, Benton Farms Pencil, Co has a new product.  The Benton Farms perspective pencil.  They took the same rigorous manufacturing standards that made the reference pencil a legend and applied them to making pencils of different sizes.   Perspective Pencils range in size from ten millimeters to over two meters in length.  Same great materials, same great proportions, completely new scales!









* Shown for reference

** Enlarged for detail

*** Modified for screen

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